What Our Clients Say

Sunnyvale Smiles – Sulman Ahmed D.M.D
272 S. Collins Rd #100, Sunnyvale TX

“Aerofirma Corporation was fantastic with setting up my lease.  They were easy to work with and took a genuine interest in the well being of my business. I highly recommend them for your real estate needs.”


Whitcomb Clinic – Craig Whitcomb, M.D.
2461 Robinson Road, Building A
Grand Prairie, TX 75051
Phone: 972-606-1334
Fax: 972-606-1637

“I wanted to express our grattitude and extreme thanks for what you did for us. When we were losing our office and in panic mode, you guys stepped in and solved all of our problems with a new location.

We never had one problem or concern with any aspect of the relationship. Chase and Isibelle; you
welcomed us into your family and we feel that you have become part of ours as well.”


Johnson Chiropractic – Gary Johnson D.C
270 S. Collins Rd #200, Sunnyvale TX

“I am pleased to recommend Aerofirma Office (Chase DeBaun and his colleagues) as one of the premier developers in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex.  Specializing in new medical condominiums throughout the local metropolitan area, Aerofirma Office takes great pride in producing fully finished, customized, medical condominiums that would accommodate the most selective physician’s professional needs.  Furthermore, as a landlord, Chase DeBaun, will go the extra mile to make sure, both his tenants and property are properly taken care of.  Chase and Tommy Miller, construction superintendent, can be seen, regularly, on the property during the construction and the occupancy phase of each condominium built, ensuring attention to detail.  The DeBaun family has a “small-town flavor” about them that welcomes those who conduct business with them, and attempts to keep each tenant on a long term basis….almost as if the tenant were family!  In the 10+ years as a small business owner, I have never experienced a landlord that has been so giving and willing to do what is needed to help his tenants get started in a new location.  It has been my pleasure to work with Chase DeBaun for the last 2 years.”


Theresa D. Stretch, M.D.

“I am writing this letter in support and recommendation of Chase DeBaun and Aerofirma Corporation.  Earlier this year I decided to open my own internal medicine clinic, but I had no idea where to begin.  I contacted Aerofirma on referral.  Building clinics is what they do.  Initially I considered moving in to one of Aerofirma’s buildings, but ultimately I decided to build my own.  Aerofirma agreed to take on this project and has been absolutely instrumental in making it happen.  They have taken the process through rezoning, planning, permitting, and now constructing the building.  While I know the process has been taxing for Chase and his team, it has been a relatively simple process for me.  They really have taken on all aspects of transforming a piece of property into a beautiful clinic, and I have had the ability to be involved to the degree that I have chosen.

It would be disingeuous to say that there have not been a few obstacles along the way. Undoubtedly, these are to be expected on any project.  To this, I can say that Aerofirma has been professional about overcoming the hurdles to expedite the process to the best of their ability.

I am personally thankful that I had the opportunity to meet Chase and that he agreed to take on my building project.  I would be happy to work with Chase and his team at Aerofirma again and highly recommend them.  They are a great group of good people who are truly interested in making my project a success.”